Vision & Mission


Doss Elementary is an exemplary elementary school in the Austin Independent School District with approximately 900 students. It is a diverse campus with 25 different home languages spoken by our families. The high academic standards and overall positive campus culture are a draw for parents seeking an elementary school for their young children.


Collaborating a kind, culturally diverse, child centered community in order to build a resilient child for success.


The mission of Leona Doss Elementary School is to provide inclusive, engaging, and authentic experiences and opportunities for all students in order for them to flourish academically, emotionally, and socially in a collaborative environment that honors our diverse learners.

    Doss School Song

    Just let your Doss pride show, let the people know,
    We are winners here, Friends are always near,
    so let your Doss pride show. Sing it high and low.
    This school is the best, so let your Doss pride show.

    My teacher told me something that everyone should know.
    Just always do the best you can wherever you may go.
    I’ll never be unhappy, I’ll never wear a frown.
    If we just keep on smiling we can turn our world around.

    School Song (PDF)



    School Colors

    Blue and White