Volunteers are welcomed on campus for purposes related to student instruction and support.

These include:

  • Class Reading Volunteers
  • Copy Parent
  • Office Volunteer
  • Chaperoning Field Trips
  • Staff, PTA, and CAC meetings

All volunteers must complete the Austin Partners in Education (APIE) process for volunteer certification to be eligible to volunteer on campus and/or chaperone field trips.

Eligible volunteers in the building must follow all required safety and security protocols (i.e. visitor badges, drill participation, etc.).

While masks are optional, it is highly recommended that all eligible building volunteers and field trip chaperones be fully vaccinated.


Thank you for volunteering at Doss!

 We trust our valued volunteers and want to ensure that all our volunteers are aware of the most important guidelines associated with APIE programs. Please read , print, sign and turn in the Confidentiality Form provided in the link below acknowledging receipt of these guidelines. Please bring the form on your first day as a volunteer at Doss. 


Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement - Spanish


• Student confidentiality is protected by federal law. You may talk about your experiences as a volunteer, however, please refer to your students only using their first names. Teachers cannot share specific information about a student’s grades, test scores, home life, disabilities, etc., with any volunteers. 

• Please keep APIE an in-school program by not exchanging personal information, gifts, phone numbers, texts, or “friending” or “following” on Facebook, Twitter, etc.