Eligible Student Riders

Students are eligible for transportation route service if the following criteria are met:

  • Students live 2 or more miles from their campus of regular attendance—home school, magnet school or academy—measured along the shortest route to school. The home school campus is determined by the student's residential address and the assignment boundary of each school.
  • Students living within 2 miles of their home school, magnet school or academy, who would be subject to hazardous traffic conditions if they were to walk to school.

Transportation service eligibility for any specific magnet program or academy is determined by board policy. Transfer students are not eligible for transportation route service. Please call 512-414-0238 for more information. 


Transportation Registration

      Once a student is enrolled in an Austin ISD school, he/she will automatically be assigned to a transportation route if they are eligible for service based on the student’s primary address. Students will only be scheduled on one school bus to one primary residential address.  Parents do not need to do anything other than to make sure the District has the correct primary registered address.


A non-eligible student may ride on a school bus with a bus pass from the principal’s office if there is room available. Once a bus becomes overcrowded, all non-eligible students will no longer be permitted to ride for the remainder of the school year. Students will receive a 3-day written notice prior to removal from an overcrowded bus.  All school buses allow room for no more than 3 students to a seat for elementary students and 2 students to a seat for middle & high school students. 


Parents must fill-out the following form to request bus transportation for a non-eligible student to ride a school bus. 


Bus Request Form